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Steady Rests The MORARI Steady Rests chucks allow a reduction in working time, precision changes in time, compact design to allow use on all types of lathes and many other features, 30 different models can respond to various market requirements with a range of applications covering a range of 4 to 900 mm.
Driven Tools The driven tools is an accessory for numeric controlled lathes with motorized turret, they can drilling, milling and tapping, without change the position of the rough piece.
With the driven tools you can execute a wide range of works on the same rough piece, in that way you don't have to build other equipements or change machine tools, so you can decrease the costs.
Morari's firm can offer, at the customer, a wide range of models, we can also build special driven tools, according to the customer requests.
VDI Toolholderand Toolholder Disks We produce the whole series of toolholders and toolholder-discs according to
DIN - 69880.
Furthermore, experience gained by the company in making MORARI Driven Tools allowed us to develop a personalized line for Okuma machines very popular in Italy and abroad.
In addition to the standard line we are able to design applications to meet all needs.

Lunette SLZNThe philosophy of continuous renewal that has distinguished the LMG-Morari brand through the years, led us to develop a new set of standard self-centering steady rests, which will replace the well known and appreciated steady rest SLZ series.
High precision, easy maintenance, wide clamping range, the new and reinforced arm opening system. These features make these steady rests the ideal accessory for every kind of turning operation, thereby guaranteeing the reliability and high performance.

SLZN - SLZN series Self-Centering Steady Rests
SLZNB series Self-Centering Steady Rests

One of the advantages conferred upon the Morari company is the versatility of its standard production, but particularly it is specialized in custom-made solutions according to customer requirements.
In the case of self-centering steady rest, with the cooperation between our engineering departement and the customer, we can supply the steady rest and its braket according to the machine tool that will be intalled into.
This allows you to better optimize the application and to solve various technical problems.
All this to also satisfy the customer who wants to build his own bracket by himself.
In the operating manual you can find, for example, the techincal details of the roller group, the importance of lubrication, how to make a bracket, what to do in case of problems and other needs.


Driven Tools

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